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Arizona Bike Week 2013

Date: Pre-Rally Days
Friday, April 5th
-Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Arizona Bike Week CycleFest
Wednesday, April 10th
- Sunday, April 14th, 2013
Where: Scottsdale, Arizona
Contact Info: (408)644-8191

It’s that time of year again; it’s time for the Arizona Bike Week! Arizona bike week is known as one of the best bike shows in the country, are you ready for it? There are all sorts of things that you can see and do. So come on down and check out this year’s Arizona Bike Week.

So at the Arizona Bike Week, there are many things that you can look forward to. As always there will be the massive amount of bikes, stunts and custom bikes at this particular show. So with all of the bikes that you will see, there will be the newest bikes on the market; street bikes, cruisers, and dome dirt.

Show Bikes at Arizona Bike Week

The custom bikes are going to be one of the biggest things to this show. You can think about all of the amazing ideas that have been turned into bikes. There will be the normal bikes that just have and nice paintjob, to the more flamboyant low rider bikes. Many of the bikes are extremely different. You will be able to see bikes that have been changed so much that they take more of an art form more than a bike.

While walking around, many people will get the chance to look at all of the different bikes that have been made. Thankfully as well most of the creators and idea makers will be there as well, able to answer any of the questions that you have to ask. An example would be, “Where did you get the inspiration to make this bike?”

Arizona Bike Week Stunt Shows

Another one of the more commonly liked things is the fact that there will be a stunt show. These stunt professionals will be doing things that you might not even have thought possible. Not only will there be the normal stunts like wheelies and stoppies, there will be the more intriguing and difficult duel person stunts. These stunt shows are sure to be a one of a kind show to watch. Even though it might look like a lot of fun, the People running the show encourage that nobody try the stunts that they see.

Bands at Arizona Bike Week

Not to mention and forget all of the different bands that will be playing. You can have hours of entertainment by some of the more common biker bands in the show. If you get hungry during the shows, there is plenty of food vendors that will be around, whether you are just hungry or looking for some sort of drink to help you through the night.

This for sure will be an event that you would never want to miss, especially if you are an avid biker. There will even be a few stores that you can go to where you can pick up some new gear if need be. So make sure that you don’t miss this year’s Arizona Bike Week. Have fun and make sure to drive safely!