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2014 Scottsdale Car Show Calendar

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Date Event Place Information
Weekly and Monthly Events
Every Saturday Scottsdale Pavillions Car & Bike Show Scottsdale Pavillions Shopping Center,
9175 E. Indian Bend Rd
Scottsdale, Arizona
Scottsdale Pavillions Car & Bike Show

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Scottsdale has been an up and coming tourist attraction in Arizona for quite a few years. Scottsdale has been known for its great desert area mixed with all sorts of other things that you can do while you are there. Many of these attractions have to deal with the local wildlife and the beautiful plants that you can find in Arizona.

But, there is one thing that many travel agencies and many people forget to mention when you are traveling through Scottsdale, the car shows. You will find that the majority of car shows that you can attend in Scottsdale will be the best car shows that you could attend. Lets see why.

DHRS Grease Car Show

The HDRS Grease Car Show is a fun event that uses the movie Grease as a base for its style. You would find all sorts of people dressed up as greasers and jocks, both men and women, partying like it was back in the 50’s. You will see cars hairstyles and even the actions of the people would be just like back in the olden days.

Some of the costumes were quite good, but there were a few that stood out enough to win one of the different awards. There were awards for the best-dressed person, and various different awards for the cars themselves, truly an unforgettable event.

Festival of Speed

Next one on the list is the Festival of Speed. This was one of my personal favorites because of all the different years of cars that were accepted into this show. First of all, the cars were divided into decade of make and model. There was anything from the 40’s all the way up into the newest cars. The show was set up this way not only to show the progress of cars over the years, but to also see which ones were the best.

This particular car show had a specialty of the Hot rods, the Classic cars and the Old American cars. If you were good enough, you could have even won a trophy. 20 awards were given out at this show.

Scottsdale Pavilions Car and Bike Show

This was a rather special show because of the verity of vehicles that were there. At this show you could have seen any car from way back in the early 1900’s all the way up to the brand new cars that just came out this year. This car show truly had something for everyone. If you were one of the people that wanted to see the old American muscle cars, they had that too.

The bike part of the show was particularly interesting because of the nature of the bikes that were allowed into the show. There were quite a few custom bikes that had never been seen before and even some European cruisers.

When you are in Scottsdale visiting, make sure that you look into the different car shows that are passing through. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the fun