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2014 Tucson Car Show Calendar

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Date Event Place Information
May Events
May 16th - 17th, 2014 Tucson Dragway Reunion 2014 12000 South
Houghton Road
Tucson, Arizona
Tucson Dragway Reunion 2014

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When people first think of Tucson, they might thing of the University of Arizona or the large amount of optics factories and companies that reside there. But, for all that visit Tucson for non-secular reasons, it should be important to know of all the different car shows that you can find there. Lets take a look at why Tucson should be known for its car shows.

Team up for Tucson

The Team up for Tucson car show was a noble event that donated the money it made to charity. It was even recommended that you bring three unwrapped toys with you instead of 10$ entry fee. Either your money or your toys were donated to the Salvation Army families in need. This was to help out the kids in poor families to be able to have normal toys and grow up with a happier childhood.

This event had many different prizes that were to be given out for the best car in show, the mystery car, and many others. There were even a few prizes for the people who wore the craziest hat and for the worse Christmas sweater. A 25$ gift certificate was given to the winners of these contests.

Tucson Hot Rod Reunion

The Tucson Hot Rod Reunion was quite possibly one of the coolest car shows in Tucson this year. I say this because any pre-1973 cars were able to enter into an 8th mile drag race and see if they could beat the other cars. The starting flag was even an old timed checkered flag. But that’s now the only part of the show. There were many different cars that were shown off, and even a car that was converted to run on alcohol. The event ended with a bunch of cars showing off their stuff and lighting up the night with their nitro-aided engines.

On Friday the place was buzzing with the excitement of being able to meet different racers and car owner and be able to ask them questions about their cars. There were even quite a few track shows that allowed you to buy souvenirs.

Winter Soundfest 2013

The Winter Soundfest was one of the most attractive shows to the younger crowd. The Winter Soundfest was a contest for who had the best stereo systems in their cars. There were several different classes of car that were available to enter. At this show you would have seen some of the best stereo systems in the United States. This show offered many different prizes to those that were the best of their class.

There was also a special part of this particular show that, if you are deaf of heart, you could go to just to look at cool cars from around the world. You could have seen cars that are tame and just normal looking cars, to some that were quite odd in how they were made and taken care of once bought.

So as you can see, there is quite a bit more to Tucson than just the secular parts. Be sure not to miss these years Tucson car shows!