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Arizona DUI

By Snowhat

You are at your favorite car show of the year. As always you have a couple of beers with your friends and then realize the time. 11:30. Your wife is going to kill you for sure. You don’t think that you are drunk, its been about a half hour since your last drink, so you speed home as fast as you can. On the way you get pulled over by a cop. He gives you a breathalyzer test and you fail. Now your wife is really going to kill you.

Arizona Drunk Driving Penalties

As many people know, you first have to know the consequences to understand the situation. So what are the penalties for drunk driving in Arizona? Break it down into the four main categories of drunk driving.

  • DUI
  • Extreme DUI
  • Super extreme DUI
  • Felony DUI


So what exactly makes a DUI? You thought that you were just fine, just a beer or two, but really it was enough to get you a DUI charge. Here’s what the state of Arizona has to say bout DUIs

DUI is simply driving under the influence. For this to apply, you have to have a minimum of .07 BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) to be convicted of a DUI. This usually happens after about four or five drinks. (Drinks being one beer, one shot of 80 proof alcohol, glass of wine, Ect.)

Extreme DUI

An Extreme DUI is when your BAC is over .15. Past .07 BAC, it becomes harder to estimate how many drink it takes to get to .15 and high BAC. It mostly depends on your tolerance and body size, as well as if you have eaten or not. The penalties of an Extreme DUI is at least 30 days in prison (can be avoided if you have a good DUI attorney).

Super Extreme DUI

A Super Extreme DUI This occurs when your BAC is over .200. Here is the list of the minimum penalty that you will get from a Super Extreme DUI 45 days in jail, alcohol screening and counseling for 30 days continuous alcohol monitoring, $2500 dollars of fees, your vehicle will be impounded for 30 days, your license will be revoked for 90 days to a year, and a year and a half of an ignition interlock device (you cant start your car without a breathalyzer test)

Felony DUI

A Felony DUI (or Aggravated DUI) happens when you have had over 3 cases of DUIs in 7 years, are operating under a suspended, revoked, Ect, license, or it is a DUI with someone under the age of 15 in the vehicle with you.

If any of these do happen to you, you might want to find a way not to pay so much money and stay out of prison. Finding the best Arizona attorneys for DUI can help you greatly in dealing with your DUI. But remember, the best way to not have to pay for a DUI is to not to drink anything before driving, or not drive after having any alcohol of any sort.