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Buying a Repo RV

It’s no secret that RV’s aren’t cheap, but believe it or not there is a way of getting a high quality RV at a much lower price. We aren’t talking about buying a used RV, well not exactly. While buying a used RV is certainly cheaper than buying one new, there are still plenty of markups that used RV dealers use to raise the price.

The secret lies with Repo RV’s. With a little know-how you can save hundred’s even thousand’s by buying a high quality Repo RV. Find out how and some general tips to make the buying process easier and cheaper. Read more...

Classic Car Insurance

A classic car is not just any old car. So really should it be insured like one? Just like insurance for a Honda Civic is in no way adequate for a Lamborghini Gallardo, ordinary car insurance is in no way adequate for a classic car.

Many insurance agents are not very familiar with what is actually needed in a classic car insurance and will try to set you up with a typical car insurance instead of what you really need for your classic car. Find out what you should look for when you are searching for an insurance plan for your classic car. Read More...

Classic Car Restoration

Restoring a heap from the junkyard to an award winning fully restored classic car is quite definitely one the most fulfilling things an automotive enthusiast can do, but it can also be one of the most challenging.

There are many factors to restoring a classic car. While experience is the best teacher, a few simple tips can save you many hours of work and quite a bit of money. Read More...

Car Show CRM

No one wants an unsuccessful car show. Whether it is for a charity, to make money or just for the fun of it, more cars and more spectators is pretty much always better. One might think, well if we set up a good event the cars and the spectators will come. And to a certain degree that is true, but to have a truly successful car show more is involved.

Find out how you can improve attendee satisfaction, attract more spectators and advertise in free/cheap ways. Read More...