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Top 5 Car Accessories to Beat the Arizona Heat

The Arizona heat isn’t so bad when you only have to go from your air-conditioned house into your air-conditioned and garaged car. But what about the long hours your car is left outside at work, the mall, school or just roasting in the sun? The extreme heat wreaks havoc on your dashboard, upholstery, paint and engine performance. This damage is easily preventable, however, with a few essential UV-defensive accessories—a windshield sun shade, cab cooler car cover, cold air intake, dash cover and a trailer hitch. A great place to find these accessories is AutoAnything, which carries parts and accessories for nearly every year, make and model (Seriously, they even have car covers for the 1913 Ford Model T).

Sun Shades

For a quick and easy way to keep your interior cool and your upholstery intact in the Arizona sunshine, use a windshield sun shade whenever your vehicle is left parked outside. The reflective material of the sun shade deflects UV rays and helps keep your front seat temperature low. Plus, with a custom-fit sun shade, it’s easy to install and remove quickly.

Cab Cooler Car Cover

For the days when your truck or SUV spends long hours parked in the sun, keep your cab cool and protected from interior-warping UV rays with a Cab Cooler from CoverCraft. Similar to a car cover, the Cab Cooler covers only the area passengers sit in, making it easy to take on and off during your daily errands. Plus, the Cab Cooler protects your rooftop paint from fading. When you bring along your Cab Cooler in its handy carrying bag, you don’t have to spend precious minutes circling the parking lot for shaded parking. You bring the shade with you!

Cold Air Intakes

Keep your engine cooler and performing at the highest level, even in the hottest weather, with a cold air intake system. By utilizing a longer intake tube and a heat shield, they keep hot air out and cold air in. Cold air intakes allow only the coolest and highest-quality filtered air into your engine, which is especially important in Arizona. A CAI is extremely easy to install and utilizes a high-flow, aftermarket air filter that will last the lifetime of your vehicle. So, not only does your engine keep a lower temperature level when cooler air goes in, but more horsepower and MPGs comes out. Win-win.

Dash Cover

The sun’s UV rays don’t only damage your vehicle’s interior when you’re parked, those invisible and invasive bad guys leave not-so-invisible wear on your dashboard when you’re driving around too. But, damage can be avoided with a dashboard cover that’s custom-fit for your vehicle. Most are available in a variety of colors to match or coordinate with your interior and different materials. Dashboard covers can also be dual-purpose and used to cover up pre-existing dash damage, and bring new life to your interior.

Trailer Hitches

When all else fails, beat the heat by heading to the water! With a trailer hitch installed on your ride, it’s easy to hook up the boat, jet skis or other water crafts. For reliable towing in every color, look no further than CURT Trailer Hitches. Designed to fit your vehicle precisely, CURT hitches are ultra-durable and many are available in a variety of colors for a distinctive look. Capable of handling a job as small as your bike rack or as big as your tent trailer, CURT is there when you want to get out of town with your toys.

Don’t let the sun ruin your car—or sanity—any longer. Be sure to check out AutoAnything to equip your vehicle for keeping cool.