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Why Customer Relationship Management Works for Car Show Event Planning

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an aspect of business management that most event coordinators could use to better organize vender, attendee, and car show entrant relationships. The objective of using online CRM tools is to optimize marketing, vender sales, PR, and other areas of their business to solidify and maintain loyalty, support, and satisfaction.

In the case of Car shows and other events an organizer actually has three set of clients they need to manage. 

  1. The venders and other companies that might want to participate (set up booths) and advertise (joint radio, TV and Newspaper advertisements, or advertisements at the show itself) at your car show event.
  2. The second are the visitors of the car show event.
  3. Finally, you should also be considering the needs of the car show entrants after all they are providing much of the interest that keeps you show going. The theory is that the result of happy customers is a successful car show, and the following are the main reasons why online CRM tools are effective:

Customer Preferences and Interest

Sales and analytic software systems track consumers interested in Car shows and other events to learn what interests them as individuals and as a group. This is determined by analyzing which links, groups, or searches they follow. When this data is collected and preferences are learned, then the car show organizer knows a great deal about the preferences and interests of event attendees, allowing them to tailor products and services to meet those tastes. With this knowledge you can contact venders that offer these products to see if they would be interested in hosting a booth at your car show.

Increase Efficiency and Decease Costs

Marketing systems help to identify and target the best venders, providing the sales team (or person) with qualified leads to follow up. This allows a team to save time in generating leads, and focus on developing them. When working with the people attending the car show, these marketing systems help you determine what extra event features are really worth adding to your show. What features will help draw larger crowds. This helps you determine if a certain event feature (special guests, bands, etc) are really cost effective in drawing larger crowds.

Inexpensive Means of Advertising

Social Media & Networking sites are cost effective online CRM tools that can be used to promote interest in your event, to contact potential venders, and collaborate with other car show organizers.

Facebook is a popular social networking site that can be an effective promotional tool. One useful method is creating your own Facebook business, or venue event, page for additional advertising purposes. Adding a “like” plug-in to your company’s existing webpage allows current Facebookies to recommend your show, or site, to their friends. The result of using a combination of these two simple options surprises many users. This also works great in helping you see what the people who attended your car show really liked about it as well as what they might not have liked about it so you can fix it the next year.

Twitter is especially useful online CRM tool for promoting and encouraging interest in venues and car shows. Using real time mini-messages that event personnel have posted, Twitter encourages followers to comment on what is happening in real time. Consider tweeting event winners as they are picked, you’d be surprised how many people might be interested if their favorite car was the one picked!

Linkedin is especially useful in collaboration with potential venders and other car show orginizers, allowing them to find, contact, and coordinate with each other in promoting and marketing venues. This is a good way to help potential venders find you! It also helps people that would like to enter their car into a show know where your next car show is and when as well as how to contact you for registration.

These are just a few of the many popular and effective social media sites available.

An Improved Car show Attendee Experience

Customer Service and Support is an underutilized aspect of online customer relationship management. A recent study of one fortune five-hundred company showed that 39% of those interviewed believed that their employees had the tools they needed to adequately care for their customer service and support needs, and recommended that companies interested in improving their services increase training, and using the online CRM tools listed above.

Sometimes small improvements in a car show can greatly increase visitor satisfaction; happy attendees will come back next year. Find out what they like or didn’t like about your show. This can greatly help in the planning of the next year’s show. As the attendance increases so will the number of Venders wanting to rent booth space as well as the number of people that enter their car in your show. This can be as simple as adding suggestion boxes at the show or making sure that your blog, website, and social media sites allow people to comment.

If there is a negative response to an aspect of your show, don’t ignore it; talk about in your blog or other online tools and discuses how you plan on improving that next year. For each person that actually complains there are likely hundreds that thought the same thing. Reassure them that you do care about their concerns and your car show will be even better next year.

Beneficial for Any Sized Car Show

Just because a car show event is small, doesn’t mean that it can’t benefit from, or afford, CRM applications, online resources, and other related tools and software.

Many small car show organizers have been surprised how much of a response they have had to implementing some of the more simple, and inexpensive, options on the online CRM list.

One example of this is a South Georgia small business owner who runs her own massage practice from a rented room in a doctor’s office. Last year, when business began to slow, she became concerned and began to try and think of inexpensive ways to increase her clientele. Someone recommended that she try opening a Facebook page, which she did. Now a year later, she says that client list has increased by 35% and she even finds that these days she is making the majority of her massage appointments over Facebook.

This is just one of many successful online CRM experiences, and is the result of implementing only one of the many techniques that are available. Imagine what the result would be to a car show venue that applied several online customer relationship management tools!

Other Simple CRM Tips and Tricks

In addition to the above, here are some other tried and true tips:

  • Do a raffle and ask for email addresses to put on an email list.
  • Put a suggestion list on the car show, or other venue, website to collect customer information.

The facts are that CRM strategies collect customer preferences and interests while increasing efficiency, decreasing costs, are an inexpensive means of advertising, improve the client’s experience, and are beneficial for any sized venue, business, or car show - so start using CRM tools today!