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Classic Car Travel Trailer

Not all classic cars are Trailer Queens! Some need to work for a living. I know a lot of people that like to drive their car to the show and clean and polish it up before the cruise or show. Not just a few of them like to tow a small trailer behind to stay in while at the show.

That doesn’t mean that they want to tow a full sized trailer behind their pride and joy though. While those classic little teardrop trailers you see at the show are cute, when sleeping in them they are kind of reminiscent of a coffin on wheels. There are alternatives though.

Chalet offers the best of both worlds, a camp trailer that is large enough to have all of the comforts you would like, yet light enough to not put a strain on your classic car.

Takena Curv

The new Takena Curv is an ultra light weight trailer weighing in at only 1830 lbs (total dry weight) and a hitch weight of only 195lbs. But don’t let that weight fool you. This is no stripped down featureless trailer. Let’s start with a dry bath and separate shower, no more sitting on the toilet to take a shower. To keep the weight down the Curv is made from a lightweight insulated vacuumed bonded composite that helps keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

To help with staying warn there is also a 12,000 btu dsi furnace, you can also upgrade with an optional 11,500 BTU Air Conditioner with Heat Pump.

The kitchen is fully equipped with a 2 burner cook stove, acrylic sink with faucet fed by a 12 volt pump. There is a 3.o cu ft fridge with a freezer and standard power outlets fed by 55 Amp converter with Battery Charger. For safety the Chalet Curv comes with a PL gas detector, fire extinguisher and SO and Smoke detector. The Takena Curv comes standard with a 20# propane tank but can be upgraded to a dual propane tank setup.

There is a 29 gallon fresh water tank, a 30 gallon grey water tank and a 6 gallon DSI water heater.

The Takena Curv tows like a dream due to the TorFlex axle with wide track stability. The electric brakes have a breakaway switch for safety and the front and fenders are protected with aluminum diamond plate. There is also a bumper mounted spare tire carrier

There are also three outside accessible storage locations Front Door side 18” x 10” Baggage Door, Rear 18” x 10” Baggage Door and Off Door side Front 12” x 42” Baggage Door. While parked the trailer is kept stable with Rear Stabilizer jacks with pads.

If you’re in the market for something to tow behind your classic car or truck don’t forget to check out the Chalet Takena Curv.