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Lamborghini LMP-F

By Snowhat

Lamborghini LMP-F

We all like to see a brand new concept car, but personally I only like to look at the streamlined fast ones. That’s exactly what the Lamborghini LMP-F Concept car is. While not exactly street legal, I could see pretty much any speed freak wanting to try this car out.

The Specs of a LMP-F

Before I continue, a big congratulations and thanks goes out to Sabino Leerentveld, the Dutch designer of this amazing car. With that said, let go into some of the awesome statistics of this car. Weighing in at 1,534 pounds (700 Kg), the LMP-F boasts a whopping 1,200 horsepower at 22,000 RPM. Can you imagine the looks that women would give you when you revved that wondrous engine? It can go 0-60 in 1.8 seconds, almost four times faster than a space shuttle taking off. Think of the rush that you would get from riding that until the full 264 MPH that it can do. While these specs are not 100% accurate, they are what Sabino hopes they will be when the car is actually built.

Designing the LMP-F

The LMP-F was designed to look like a few different race cars. It has the front end of a F1 racer, as seen by the lateral air intakes, and the back end was designed after a Le Mans series car, seen by both its sleek body and covered back wheels. While there is no such thing as a F1/Le Mans series, you can imagine how awesome it would be to go and see that if it existed.

Even the colors of the car just go together in a spectacular way. The way the all black body with a hint of gold, with the red trim around the wheels and on the seats really gives a professional look to the car. While not currently in production to ask for different colors, the mind is a truly wonderful thing that I’m sure can come up with some better color combinations

So as guys, and the occasional girl, we can see that this truly is quite an impressive car, even when compared to other Lamborghinis that are on the market. We will all have happy dreams tonight!

Lamborghini LMP-F