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Phoenix Auto Auctions

By Snowhat

We all know that there is a lot that you can do to a classic car to make it awesome, but what happens if you run out of ideas and just want to start over? Where can you find a place to get a brand new (figure of speech) hot rod that you can pimp out in as many ways as possible? Look to Phoenix Arizona’s auto auctions.

Now comes the questions about where can you find these auctions, how to you buy at an auction, what are the prices that I can expect at an auction, and so forth. Knowing where to go is the first step, so here’s a small list of a few of the auctions in Phoenix;

  • DAASW: 1433 South 19th Avenue, Phoenix, (602) 253-7766
  • Payless Auto Auction: 3245 West Broadway Road, Phoenix, (602) 268-2380
  • Metro Auto Auction of Phoenix: 2475 S. 59th Avenue, Phoenix, (602) 279-9500

These are three of the most well known auctions in Phoenix. Now onto the next point, what do you need to know, expect, and sometimes be careful of before you buy a used car?

  • Use CARFAX: CARFAX can really be helpful when buying any used car. It will make sure that you know what accidents the car has been in, showing if there is any major stress spots in the car.
  • Use Your Eyes: If you use your eyes and check for any spots that have been painted over, for example if you can see a slight difference in the door of the car to the fender.
  • Guarantee: Most auctions will not offer a guarantee, but its always better to check and never have the expectation of one.
  • Buyer’s Premium: The buyer’s premium can be quite annoying. The buyer’s premium will add more money on top of the bidding price, this money usually ending up in the hands of the auctioneer.
  • Frenzy Bidding: Watch out for the frenzy bidding, getting caught up in the bid and paying WAY more than you wanted to or the worth of the car.
  • Research: While CARFAX is part of this, the other part is looking in a guide like the Kelly Blue Book.
  • “As Is”: It is essential that you understand these words, it means you will only get what you see, no guarantee, nothing that isn’t promised when bought.
  • Title: Always check that they have the title with them in hand when they are auctioning off a car. Some people will send the title off later, but this is very dangerous. It could lead to you not really owning the car.
  • Watch other bidders: look for people that are going around and bidding on everything with the intent of raising the prices. If this person is in the bidding session that you are in, it’s a good idea to look for something else.

When looking at the price of a car, you can use a few different methods. The easiest are the Kelly Blue Book and looking up the car online.

So you can see that when buying a used car at a Phoenix auto auction, there are many things that need to be looked at before you buy a used car. Happy shopping!